Cinnamon Cashews

BABA Foods Cinnamon Cashew Nuts is a delectable selection of cashew nuts roasted in margarine, with sugar, salt and cinnamon, producing a sweet and salty treat fit for nuts lovers!

Our products are ethically sourced from the finest of crops in the heartland of Nigeria and professionally prepared to bring you the best quality every time you open a pack. BABA Cinnamon Cashew Nuts is healthy, heart friendly, boosts immune system, cholesterol free and a great source of iron and protein.
For every product purchased, you are empowering and supporting the means of livelihood of thousand of African farmers.

Premium Products from Africa


BABA Foods Cinnamon Cashews is suitable for vegetarian diets. Ingredients are listed on all our product packs.

Choose your Size

Enjoy BABA Foods Cinnamon Cashews in a variety of sizes, ranging from 100g tins and pouches, to 600g bottles!

Proudly African

All produce and production is done within Nigeria, enabling both farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.

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Some selected stores already have our products in stock. Contact us by phone or email if you would like to stock the products or learn more.